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Feature 10 News

Life in Dataspace – Paper about Using Big Data for the Common Good

In a contribution to the collection of essays “Perspectives on the Digital Life”, Philipp Otto, Founder and Director of the iRights.Lab, shines a…

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Feature 11 News

iRights.Lab Co-operates with the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK)

Thanks to the European Commission’s eTwinning programme, teachers can work together on joint projects over the internet. This raises legal questions, which we…

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Feature 12 News

Partnership project: The New Consumers

The “New Consumers” project takes a look at the needs of refugees as consumers in Germany. In close collaboration with a target group,…

Feature 13 News

Publication: Who Runs the Internet?

Internet Governance is about making sure that the internet remains technically, socially and politically fit for purpose. But just how does internet regulation…