Rethink­ing the Econ­o­my – Blind Spots in Eco­nom­ics Text­books

The edu­ca­tion of new econ­o­mists is lack­ing diverse dis­cus­sions, Till van Treeck and Jan­i­na Urban are con­vinced. Their col­lec­tion takes a look at the stan­dard eco­nom­ics text­books in order to reveal defi­cien­cy and to give sug­ges­tions for improve­ment.

20 essays analyse the most impor­tant eco­nom­ics text­books from a vari­ety of stand­points. One thing becomes clear quick­ly: the text­books don’t offer a range of com­pet­ing schools of thought. Instead, we are given the impres­sion that there is only one valid method of eco­nom­ic enquiry. But this is not just about bring­ing the blind spots of the eco­nom­ics text­books to light: it is about break­ing through the hack­neyed pat­terns of thought with ref­er­ence to both old and new ideas.

Rethink­ing the econ­o­my” was pub­lished under Cre­ative Com­mons License CC BY-ND 3.0 and can either be bought in print or ebook form or down­loaded for free as a PDF (~5 MB, Ger­man).

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