Online dossier on copy­right law

What to consider in the world of modern copyright

As a result of dig­i­tal­iza­tion, copy­right law has gained a mas­sive influ­ence over our every­day lives. The online dossier Copy­right Law, which was designed by Philipp Otto on behalf of the Fed­er­al Agency for Civic Edu­ca­tion and updat­ed by iRights.Lab, explains what needs to be considered.

In the ana­logue world, copy­right infringe­ments were very cost­ly. Just imag­ine the effort involved in copy­ing then bind­ing all the pages of Thomas Mann’s epic novel The Bud­den­brooks. His­tor­i­cal­ly, in the every­day lives of the vast major­i­ty of the pop­u­la­tion, copy­right played prac­ti­cal­ly no role. How­ev­er, in our increas­ing­ly dig­i­tal­ized world, things look very dif­fer­ent. Texts can be copied in a few sec­onds and pub­lished on your own blog. Music and films can be down­loaded free on numer­ous plat­forms. Pho­tos can be com­piled into a col­lage with just a few clicks, which can then be pub­lished on a social net­work. Copy­right law has thus become extreme­ly impor­tant in a short span of time and every­one should be famil­iar with it. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the applic­a­ble rules are not sim­ple; many peo­ple do not know them at all. This is why the free online dossier Copy­right Law shines light on this sub­ject by explain­ing the legal sit­u­a­tion and pro­vid­ing impor­tant back­ground infor­ma­tion in a gen­er­al­ly under­stand­able form.


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