Infor­ma­tion Inter­me­di­aries Research Monitor

Shaping opinions

What influ­ence do search engines, social net­works and news aggre­ga­tors have on the pub­lic and the free for­ma­tion of opin­ion? We explore this ques­tion in our Infor­ma­tion Inter­me­di­aries Research Mon­i­tor. The Mon­i­tor reviews cur­rent devel­op­ments in the field of dig­i­tal infor­ma­tion inter­me­di­aries and pro­vides an overview of new sci­en­tif­ic pub­li­ca­tions, the sta­tus of cur­rent projects and the results of the lat­est research. Fur­ther­more, these research find­ings are placed in a broad­er socio-polit­i­cal con­text. The Mon­i­tor is a prac­ti­cal guide to an extreme­ly top­i­cal, dynam­ic and com­plex field that impacts us all.

We pub­lish the Infor­ma­tion Inter­me­di­aries Research Mon­i­tor on behalf of the State Media Author­i­ty of North Rhine-West­phalia.

All edi­tions can be down­loaded free of charge (Ger­man) from the web­site of the Media Author­i­ty and from our own website.

Since June 2018, the Research Mon­i­tor has been pub­lished every four months. The Mon­i­tor can also be sub­scribed to as a newslet­ter here (Ger­man).


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