Young Europe

Listening to a generation wrongly described as apolitical

The TUI Foundation wants to know how young people envisage the Europe of the future. What is needed is a participatory project in which young Europeans can not only express themselves but also let off steam creatively.

The chal­lenge

Young peo­ple are not inter­est­ed in pol­i­tics, or so it’s said. The unfor­tu­nate real­i­ty is that they are often not even asked about polit­i­cal mat­ters. Thus, the chal­lenge here was not only to find an appro­pri­ate way to address young people—but also ways to reach and involve them.

Our approach

Young peo­ple and their polit­i­cal demands are usu­al­ly dealt with in a top-down man­ner. With Young Europe we have cho­sen a dif­fer­ent angle—eye level—and an approach that is both ana­log and dig­i­tal. It’s easy to talk about other peo­ple, but it’s far more inter­est­ing to talk to other people. 

The result

Togeth­er with our young par­tic­i­pants, we devel­oped and draft­ed a char­ter, which calls upon pol­i­cy­mak­ers to work towards a bet­ter Europe. We also col­lab­o­rat­ed on a graph­ic novel—a unique for­mat for telling young people’s sto­ries in a cre­ative and excit­ing way. It was all worth the effort: Germany’s Fed­er­al Pres­i­dent invit­ed the Young Europe par­tic­i­pants to his offi­cial Berlin res­i­dence, Belle­vue Palace, for a spe­cial event. We also dis­cussed the project’s results with numer­ous other high-level politicians.

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