Inno­va­tion Office

An office to power digital innovation

The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs sees digitization as an important factor shaping the future and wants engage with it more directly, both internally and externally. In other words, it is time to challenge oneself and encourage others.

The chal­lenge

A gov­ern­ment min­istry is always divid­ed into dif­fer­ent depart­ments and units, all of which deal with dif­fer­ent top­ics and tar­get groups. Dig­i­tal­iza­tion, how­ev­er, is an over­ar­ch­ing phe­nom­e­non that must be dealt with holis­ti­cal­ly. In addi­tion, civil soci­ety has very dif­fer­ent needs when it comes to seek­ing dig­i­tal solu­tions to the chal­lenges it faces. Find­ing and tai­lor­ing answers to all ques­tions is the ulti­mate task. 

Our approach

Lis­ten first, then act: Instead of pro­vid­ing ready-made answers to the Min­istry, we first zeroed in on its needs and those of civil soci­ety. Inno­va­tion also often means work­ing towards some­thing that is yet unknown and undis­cov­ered. Thus, in this unique­ly ori­ent­ed office, it is espe­cial­ly impor­tant for us to be con­stant­ly on the look­out for orig­i­nal approaches.

The result

Togeth­er with the Fed­er­al Min­istry of Fam­i­ly Affairs, we have devel­oped var­i­ous approach­es to bet­ter pro­mot­ing dig­i­tal inno­va­tion. This has affect­ed both the ori­en­ta­tion of the Ministry’s dig­i­tal pol­i­cy and has fed into projects car­ried out by the Inno­va­tion Office itself that are espe­cial­ly aimed at orga­nized civil soci­ety. The goal is to iden­ti­fy dig­i­tal inno­va­tion levers that as many actors as pos­si­ble can take advan­tage of. This is to be achieved ini­tial­ly through hackathons, net­work­ing events, a tool­box and the prepa­ra­tion of best prac­tice guide­lines and infor­ma­tion on spe­cif­ic top­ics. The Inno­va­tion Office is still young; this is only the beginning.

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