Print is back

Our magazine ROM appears for the third time

People constantly mumble this mantra to themselves: Digitalization is everywhere, print is dead. We find such generalizations amusing – and publish a lavishly designed, high-quality magazine. Feels good in your hand, looks even better, with a unique metallic effect cover. This makes ROM a great gift. In all modesty: The magazine costs 10 Euros, but looks like 30.

In our third issue you can read about a soci­ety of influ­encers, about antibi­otics that we are slow­ly but sure­ly run­ning out of, about the streets of Hun­gary, and the rela­tion­ship between for­mer Bild edi­tor-in-chief Kai Diek­mann and for­mer Ger­man Chan­cel­lor Hel­mut Kohl, which bor­ders on some­thing from the pages of a dime novel. Fur­ther­more: we sit down with a US-Amer­i­can jour­nal­ist who has wit­nessed 300 exe­cu­tions in Texas.

ROM is an ini­tia­tive of the iRights.Lab; it tells people’s sto­ries and explores the real­i­ties of life in a dig­i­tal­ized world — along with the ways it is chang­ing, forms of resis­tance, and visions for the future. The mag­a­zine sees itself not only as a con­fronta­tion with the present world, but also with the imme­di­ate future: It is impor­tant to be able to clas­si­fy and not just to para­phrase.

ROM #3 (164 pages) is avail­able for 10 Euros at sta­tion book­stores through­out Ger­many. World­wide direct sales of all avail­able issues via

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