Recap of the Year in Digitalisation and Society – in English

The magazine “Das Netz” is now available in English for the first time. It gives an international audience a broad overview of the trend and developments regarding digitalization and its socio-politcal dimension.

Understanding what’s happening: scientists, politicians, experts and entrepreneurs take to the pages of “Das Netz” to discuss the most important developments in our digital lives. In more than 50 interviews, assessments, analyses and passionate calls to arms, they tackle the digital transformation of business and society, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, algorithmic ethics and responsibility, social media and digital elections as well as digitalisation in China and the USA.

“Das Netz – Digitalization and Society” is the English version of the annual round-up “Das Netz – Jahresrückblick Digitalisierung und Gesellschaft”, whose fifth edition was released by iRights.Media in December 2016.

Read it now! Check out, download the free PDF (~39 MB) or buy the e-book für only 99 Cents.