Out now: 3TH1CS – A reinvention of ethics in the digital age?

On 25 October, iRights.Media published the book “3TH1CS – A reinvention of ethics in the digital age?” It deals with the most important ethical questions of our digital world and is available in German and English.

The digital transformation is affecting more and more areas of our lives, and as it does, it constantly raises new ethical questions. With the book “3TH1CS” we want to explore where exactly these questions arise and how we can – or even have to – address them as a society.

The 20 contributions that make up the book have been written by a group of experts selected from among the leading thinkers of Europe, Asia and America. They shine a light on those areas where the digital transformation is posing a challenge to existing moral conventions or requires them to be re-thought. “3TH1CS” gives an overview of the most important ethical issues of our time from the perspectives of renowned scientists, thinkers and philosophers. They share their knowledge and thoughts on ethics in the digital age in an understandable style and present ideas, analyses and proposals that invite us to join the discussion.

The topics dealt with in the book include the relationship between human and machine, moral conduct towards artificial intelligence, Big Data in medicine, autonomous weapons systems, the influence of algorithms on our lives, or the question of how our digital world can be shaped in an ethical way.

3TH1CS is availble as a paperback book on iRights.Media and as an e-book on Amazon and iTunes.