iRights.Lab research accompanying the mFUND of the BMVI, Lizenz: CC0

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has commissioned the think tank iRights.Lab with the accompanying research for the mFUND support program. The focus of our work will be new self-governance structures of data-driven innovations for companies and public authorities.

As part of the accompanying research project “Data Governance” the challenges in innovation processes will be identified and analyzed with a certain focus on data security. Based on this they will work on how self-governance processes in the field of data-driven innovations can be optimally designed. Self-governance describes the autonomous administration and design of processes within an organization – the goal is to enable companies and authorities to tackle the challenges of data protection and data security independently.

As part of the accompanying research, iRights.Lab works closely with funded projects of  mFUND and other experts. mFUND supports research and development projects around digital data-based applications in the mobility sector. It exists since 2016 and provides funding of 150 million euros until 2020.

The project is carried out in a three-stage process. First things needed to be done are an inventory and an evaluation of the challenges in the innovation process through surveys and various consultations and expert interviews. At the same time local meet-ups will be carried out. These will both serve the purpose of the investigation and offer insights to access and use rules as well as other legal cross-cutting issues for the participating mFUND projects. Based on the results, recommendations for action will be developed for business and politics. Furthermore, a consulting model for data-driven innovation processes will be acquired.

Pressekontakt: Wiebke Glässer,

Hier geht es zur ersten Ausgabe des Data-Governance-Reports, Mai 2018.