iRights.Lab publishes Data-Governance-Report / Geralt

Dealing with data adequately becomes more and more a basic skill in the digital age. Data secruity, data availability or data quality are important terms for the work enviroment of companies, organizations and public authorities.

iRights.Lab deals with research in behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) with independent self-administration concepts. The project has been started in 2017 and is funded by the Ministry.

iRights.Lab now publishes the first results in its “Data Governance Report” which is can be downloaded here.

The report shows the criteria of a well-crafted data governance concept as well as its challenges. Especially research and development projects in the field of digital application areas for the field of mobility 4.0 have been essential.

On the one hand the report shows how important a safe and responsible use of data is for small organizations and on the other hand it makes clear that improvement is still needed.

iRights.Lab develops concepts for implementing and using such self-governance processes and to create a high standart for data protection and data safety, without ignoring the necessary innovation factors.

The report makes clear that dealing with data on the one hand and a high degree of innovation on the other hand is not mutually a contradiction.

Here you can download the Data Governance Report as PDF.

More information about the project can be found here.