iRights.Lab at Forum Trade 4.0 of Han­delsver­band Deutsch­land (HDE)

Alexa, Google Assis­tant & Co. — How will you rev­o­lu­tion­ize com­merce?” Under this title the Ger­man Trade Asso­ci­a­tion (HDE) invit­ed to a panel dis­cus­sion at the Tele­fóni­ca Base­camp in Berlin, to debate the effects of smart assis­tants and arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence on the retail indus­try.

For iRights.Lab founder and direc­tor Philipp Otto took part and spoke on issues of reg­u­la­tion, reser­va­tions of users and oppor­tu­ni­ties for Ger­man devel­op­ers.

Other par­tic­i­pants of the dis­cus­sion were Thomas Jar­zombek, MdB (CDU), Chris­t­ian Bär­wind, Indus­try Leader Retail — Strate­gic Part­ner­ships at Google, Robert Zore CTO at REWE Dig­i­tal and Stephan Tromp, Chief Exec­u­tive of HDE. The evening was chaired by Hanno Ben­der, Head of Pol­i­tics & Law at Lebens­mit­tel Zeitung.

Otto said that the poten­tial of assis­tants as part of smart tech­nol­o­gy was huge and the devel­op­ment was still in its infan­cy. On the other hand and most impor­tant­ly one would have to take people’s fears about such tech­no­log­i­cal inno­va­tions seri­ous­ly, he added. This could only be achieved through trans­paren­cy and legal reg­u­la­tion: “Law­mak­ers should act slow­ly and dili­gent­ly rather than quick­ly and incor­rect­ly,” said Otto.

It is still impor­tant to invest: in ideas, in research, in safe­ty. Peo­ple are inter­est­ed in dig­i­tal progress, but not with­out the feel­ing of secu­ri­ty and trust.
Otto made clear: “If a tech­nol­o­gy promis­es not to keep per­son­al data, or only in case, users know about it, there should be no excep­tions. There should not be nasty sur­pris­es. This is when con­fi­dence can grow.”

In addi­tion to the panel dis­cus­sion, iRights.e.V. pre­sent­ed the project “ANNA — the con­nect­ed life”, which deals with algo­rithms and arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence in every­day life of con­sumers. ANNA shall show in which areas of every­day life the use of A.I. is already real­i­ty. It also exam­ines and presents in var­i­ous sce­nar­ios what kind of devel­op­ments are to be expect­ed in the future and the oppor­tu­ni­ties and risks asso­ci­at­ed with tech­no­log­i­cal progress.

At the end of an inter­est­ing evening it could be stat­ed, that dig­i­tal assis­tance pro­grams are becom­ing more and more pop­u­lar for the peo­ple but that a lot of devel­op­ment, reg­u­la­tion and knowl­edge trans­fer is still need­ed.

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