iRights.Lab as a partner with its own session at the Global Media Forum of Deutsche Welle

The iRights.Lab is a partner of Deutsche Welle’s Global Media Forum which will take place in Bonn from 11th to 13th of June.
The three-day congress will focus on issues of international journalism, media policy, science, society and also on the context of digitization.

This year the topics of deprivation and inequality are on the agenda and how technological progress can combat these abuses – for example through opportunities for participation and through access to knowledge.

On June 13th Ludwig Reicherstorfer and Eike Gräf from iRights.Lab will present their own session and talk about both the partner project “ANNA – Networked Life” (iRights e.V.) and the book “3TH1CS – The Ethics of the Digital Time” of iRights.Lab (published by iRights.Media). “Anna” is about the use of algorithms in everyday life of consumers. In “3TH1CS” international experts deal with ethical issues related to the digitization of all aspects of life in our society and address topics that many people probably haven’t had on their agenda yet. In addition, both will talk about our strategic work at iRights.Lab.

All information about the event can be found on the website of the Global Media Forum.