Game Over for Hate

H8RBL - Fighting Hatespeech

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the iRights.Lab is developing a computer game against hate on the net

We go deep­er into game devel­op­ment and answer ques­tions like: What are the rea­sons for Hate­speech? What are the mech­a­nisms involved in its spread? How does hate speech spread online affect the real world? And above all: What can be done about it? 

In a com­put­er game devel­oped as a pro­to­type, the rel­e­vance of the prob­lem is to be expe­ri­enced in a new way. The game is a seri­ous game that does not raise its index fin­ger, but con­veys the topic in a play­ful, attrac­tive and at the same time infor­ma­tive way.

Our pri­ma­ry con­cern in this project is to cre­ate an appeal­ing gam­ing expe­ri­ence that goes beyond the actu­al game itself. The world of expe­ri­ence of the game should build a bridge to the use against hate, defama­tion and per­son­al injuries in social inter­ac­tion. It is also intend­ed to stim­u­late and pro­mote pub­lic dis­course to com­bat an aggres­sive debate cul­ture.

We want to net­work with stake­hold­ers in the field of dig­i­tal seri­ous games. Any­one who would like to con­tact us is cor­dial­ly invit­ed to do so, for exam­ple via e‑mail to:

More infor­ma­tion about the project can be found here.

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