iRights.Lab is capable of dealing with a multitude of the social issues which arise through digitalization thanks to our broad technical expertise and international networks. We develop comprehensible, nuanced and above all practical solutions.

We are independent and nonpartisan. This allows us to undertake analyses without preconceived outcomes in mind, and to offer unbiased answers. Above all, our mission is always to serve the public interest. That applies in particular to complicated, controversial or emerging subject areas.

These are the main services we provide:

Political consultancy
Analyses of current political issues are a core element of our work, as is strategic planning for and with institutions, authorities, representatives and interest groups in matters relating to digital politics. To that end, we also create comprehensive concepts for orienting institutions towards digital themes and activities.
Creating studies, analyses and reports
We are constantly keeping an eye on the exciting and relevant developments in digitalization. That allows us to thoroughly investigate almost every topic in the context of digitalization from many different angles, in order to give well-grounded answers to your questions. We are particularly interested in current and unsolved problems, and offer possible answers for these.
Applied research and accompanying research
One of our strengths lies in well-grounded investigations into digital issues. We cover all the steps of an investigation, from conception to execution, and from publication to follow-up.
Briefings and background experience
Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach, we have experience in the most diverse range of fields of digitalization. This allows us to give other organisations as well as individuals access to the knowledge they need regarding specific topic areas, and to support them with regular briefings.
Conception and execution of events
Whether a meeting, conference or panel, we take care of events from the first plans to follow-up. We can draw on our extensive experience to help.
Conceiving trainings and internal reorganisations
We assist organisations and institutions through re-structures and training programmes with advice and practical assistance. We support processes of change towards a positive outcome of the digital transition.
Dialogue and multi-stakeholder processes
We bring different interest groups to the table to create a comfortable atmosphere of discussion so that we can create solutions which work for everyone. Furthermore, we develop ways of organizing engaging dialogues with groups in society who are less digitally-capable, or who are difficult to reach for other reasons.
Publications and information offers
We create informative and clear publications that deal with questions posed by the digital world, as well as overall trends, developments and relationships, whether in the form of a longer publication, an information leaflet or a concise position paper.
Strategic process planning and implementation
We are experienced helpers when it comes to changes and reforms of organisations, and we can bring innovative methods to bear on these processes. For example, we design the right scenarios and narratives to express complex ideas and give audiences clear explanations of processes of change. We also help to avoid common pitfalls and to plan for success from the beginning.
Presentations, lectures, keynote speeches and panelists
We are happy to take to the speaker’s desk, to answer questions about digitalization, to give participants an engaging introduction to a particular topic, or to take part in a joint discussion on a given issue. We offer talks and moderations for beginners and experts alike, and we cover a broad spectrum of themes.
International networking
In the digital world, success only comes to those who work internationally and who think outside the box. That’s why we work closely with our partners around the world and pass on their expertise or directly connect you with the right persons.
Press information
We are always available to give clear answers to requests from the press about national and international developments in digitalization.