Dig­i­tal Trans­for­ma­tion: “Our Dig­i­tal Future – How Do We Want to Live?”

Dig­i­tal­iza­tion has brought a num­ber of devel­op­ments into our lives which only a short while ago were thought futur­is­tic pipe dreams. Nowhere is this more true than in the field of arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence. AI has long been find­ing its way into our lives, for instance in the form of auto­mat­ed trans­la­tion sys­tems or smart­phone assis­tants.

That is why the iRights.Lab and the Goethe Insti­tute Bei­jing held a pub­lic dis­cus­sion event on 11 March 2017 in order to debate with invit­ed speak­ers and par­tic­i­pants how we want to live with arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence in the future. Four experts gave the par­tic­i­pants insights into aspects of dig­i­tal devel­op­ments and changes which will have last­ing impacts on our futures in Europe, Ger­many and China. They dis­cussed with each other and the audi­ence what we want for the future in terms of eth­i­cal devel­op­ment, and what we have to do in order to shape our path into the future in a respon­si­ble and smart way.


15.00 – Wel­com­ing Remarks

15.10 – Keynote: An Eth­i­cal­ly Desir­able Dig­i­tal Future
Dr. San­dra Wachter, expert in Data Ethics and Algo­rithms at the Oxford Inter­net Insti­tute, Uni­ver­si­ty of Oxford

15.30 – Keynote: How Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence Will Change Our Lives
Dr. Yin Jie, Philoso­pher at the South­east Uni­ver­si­ty in Nan­jing, China

16.00 – Keynote: Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence in China – Where We Are At
Prof. Sun Fuchuan, infor­ma­tion tech­ni­cian at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Tsinghua, mem­ber of the Exec­u­tive for the Chi­nese Asso­ci­a­tion for Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence and lead­ing mem­ber of IEEE

16.20 – Keynote: Sketch of Our Future in a Dig­i­tal World
Julia Manske, act­ing project leader of the “Open Data and Pri­va­cy” project at the Neue Ver­ant­wor­tung Foun­da­tion in Berlin

16.40 – Shots/​Contributions
Zhao Zuliang, man­ag­er of brand­ing & mar­ket­ing dept., Megvii Tech­nol­o­gy Ltd. (AI start-up)

Li Zhuo Huan, part­ner of Pre­An­gel Investors, one of the most active seed cap­i­tal investors and early-stage investors in China. He is also the founder of Zixia BBS and JiWai.com, head sci­en­tist at youku.com and web­mas­ter at newsmth.net (BBS at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Tsinghua).

17.15 – Panel Dis­cus­sion With Q&A
Prof. Sun Fuchun, Dr. Jie Yin, Julia Manske, Dr. San­dra Wachter

Host: Zandie Brock­ett, researcher, cura­tor, founder of Bac­ta­gon Projects

18.00 – Intro­duc­tion to the “Dream Phase” Exhi­bi­tion in the Pres­ence of Artist Chen Zhuo

The event was a part of the dis­cus­sion series “Per­spec­tives on the Dig­i­tal Trans­for­ma­tion”, set up by the Goethe Insti­tute China and curat­ed by Philipp Otto, Founder and Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of the iRights.Lab. The series looked at dif­fer­ences and sim­i­lar­i­ties in the approach­es to dig­i­tal­iza­tion taken in China, Europe and the USA. The goal was not only to dis­cov­er new infor­ma­tion, but also to cre­ate mutu­al under­stand­ing regard­ing the dif­fer­ent devel­op­ments, and to inten­si­fy the process of exchange.

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