Conference: Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP)

From January 24th to 26th 2018, the eleventh edition of the international CPDP conference took place in Brussels. iRights.Lab’s Eike Gräf was among the speakers and also received the Young Scholar Award from the European Data Protection Law Review.

The annual CPDP conference unites researchers from different disciplines, regulators and institutions as well as a wide range of actors from the private sector in order to debate current developments, approaches and challenges in the realms of data protection and privacy. This year’s motto was the “Internet of Bodies”.

Eike Gräf, policy advisor at the think tank iRights.Lab, presented his work on the relationship between automated profiling and democratic freedom at the conference, for which he received the Young Scholar Award of the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL). In his recent contribution to the journal, he uses the neo-republican conception of freedom as non-domination to develop requirements that profiling processes need to respect in order to safeguard the freedom of the persons that are subjected to the profiling. The article proposes clear criteria that help to establish whether a person’s freedom is being curtailed or not, even in complex and nuanced settings.

The talk was a part of the “Young Scholars Award”-panel, which is hosted annually by the EDPL journal in order to promote the work of three young researchers and to give them a platform to discuss their research with an expert public. The panel took place on January 25th at 16:00h.

Get the full program here (PDF, ~ 0,6 MB)