Code of Conduct for the use of algorithms – starting signal for a broad participation process

We plan the big deal: iRights.Lab develops a quality criteria catalog for socially relevant algorithmic processes. On behalf of Bertelsmann Foundation iRights.Lab organizes a comprehensive process in cooperation with high-ranking external specialists involving a large number of stakeholders from politics, business, science and social associations.

The ethical catalog for the participants in the design of algorithms should be comparable to the Hippocratic Oath for physicians or the press code for journalists. Such a specification of quality standards is not only an integral part of professional ethics, but also a point of reference for complaints and reviews.
We examine thoroughly and we are going to answer the question of what the very specific conditions and rules of the game should be. These should be followed by everyone using algorithms.

For many years we have analyzed framework conditions in various projects and publications, conducted political discussions and developed individual proposals for many different approaches. The time has come to bundle and implement these results.

“Our goal is a code of conduct which is going to be accepted, lived and spread. That’s why we start a broad participation process with iRights.Lab and invite all stakeholders to contribute their expertise and experience to the development of the catalog of criteria”, explains Ralph Müller-Eiselt, Head of the Ethics of Algorithms Project at Bertelsmann Foundation.

When drafting this code it should be about a comprehensive ethics compendium that does not have a short-term effect, but a long-term social impact.

“If we present the result of our work, we do not only want to achieve a nice project on artificial intelligence, but we want to have set a milestone for the use of algorithms, all stakeholders in our society  should benefit from”, said Philipp Otto, founder and executive director of iRights.Lab.

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