ANNA – the networked life starts of 2nd scenario

Partner project “ANNA – the networked life” of iRights e.V. launches its second of four planned scenarios.
After “smart home”, now the topic is “observed and reviewed”.

The new scenario deals with issues such as “tracking” and “scoring” which are phrases for what the advertisers and the creators of online offerings are working on their daily business. Already, user behavior is widely monitored and evaluated by platforms, apps and other services on the internet.

Anna is a fictitious 35-year-old woman who lives in an apartment building and has to organize her increasingly digitalized everyday life. Her experiences are based on technologies that already exist and are used quite naturally in our everyday lives as well.

“ANNA – the networked life” wants to show which data traces are left by the customers, how this data traces can be used and evaluated by algorithms and artificial intelligence and what users can do to protect their personal data.

Says Gerd Billen, State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection:
“Artificial Intelligence and the use of algorithms have an increasingly important role in our lives, they are no longer science fiction, but already integrated into our everyday lives. They offer opportunities but also include some risks we need to be aware of. We want to use the former and avoid the latter. Together with iRights e.V. and ‘ANNA – the networked life’ we want to motivate users to learn something new and inform them about the adequate use of data.”

The second scenario includes media content like stories, videos and audio formats that simulate life in typical everyday situations.

“ANNA – the networked life. Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Everyday Life” is a project of iRights e.V. on behalf of the BMJV. The goal is to inform the people about the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence in their lives and to show them facts and backgrounds.

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