About us

iRights.Lab is an independent think tank that develops strategies and practical solutions for positively shaping the changes in the digital world. We support public institutions, foundations, enterprises, research performing institutions and policy makers to master the challenges of digitalization and to make the most of its many-layered potential. We bring in legal, technical, economic and socio-political expertise to bear on this work.

We monitor complex processes, identify relevant core aspects and structure information about the fast-paced innovations that come with the digital transformation, so as to clarify overall social and political trends and changes. We keep an overview of new and current technical developments and possibilities as well as existing interrelationships and interdependencies.

Thanks to our national and international orientation and our extensive network of partners, we can incorporate expertise and skills relating to digitalization into our work at the highest level. Along with a strong focus on practicability and sustainability, we aim for our solutions to have a very high political impact.

We animate discussions not only in the public sphere but also among stakeholders and we create possibilities for political exchange, opinion making, and generating ideas which we can stimulate and reinforce by providing reliable and precise information and assessments.

Our independence allows us to talk with all stakeholders from all political camps and to open up for mutually agreeable creative solutions for situations where different participants have different interests. Throughout all of our activities, we always keep in mind our goal of shaping the digital transformation process favorably for society. An orientation towards the common good is an integral part of our philosophy. We decline requests and contracts which contradict our philosophy and our strategic approach. We refuse to be instrumentalised but we do offer help with the most complex problems and procedures where this is ethically acceptable to us and we want to.

All facts and who we are You can find as well in our brochure (German).

Who we are