German-French Friendship in Digitalization Policy

The Forum +33/49 is a Franco-German platform for exchanging experiences, ideas and strategies in the realm of digitalization policy. The challenges of digitalization shall be faced together, on the basis of shared European values.

Franco-German Co-operation

Germany and France are firmly in the grip of digitalization. It is changing all areas of life, and is bringing with it opportunities and challenges which, in our networked world, have to be addressed collectively. Germany and France are important for a digitalized Europe. An intensive exchange of knowledge as well as a strategic and structural collaboration between the two nations would mean taking big steps towards a digital age that is shaped by European values. For this reason, the French National Digital Council (Conseil National du Numérique – CNNum) and the iRights.Lab in Germany are driving a close and multifaceted programme of collaboration. One outcome of this programme is the Forum +33/49.

The name Forum +33/49 has a triple symbolism. First of all, the numbers 33 and 49 are the country dialling codes for France and Germany. Secondly, they are a symbol for direct dialogue – as in a long-distance call between these countries. Finally, modern communication technologies which are involved in digitalization are historically based on telephone infrastructure. Hence the topics of the discussions are hinted at in the name: the successful digitalization of the German-French tandem.

Opening Event for the Forum +33/49

The first Forum +33/49 took place on 29th July 2016 in Berlin and marked the start of a series of German-French consultations on political and social topics in the context of digitalization.

This event brought together members of the French CCNum and iRights.Lab with different experts and policy-makers from the world of digitalization, in a discussion event in Berlin. It was made possible with the support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The event was only the start of a deeper process of exchange regarding many different digital policy-related questions in the two countries.

The booklet for the introductory discussion of the Forum +33/49 (PDF, ~0.5MB, German/French) can be downloaded here.