Event: The New Con­sumers – Work­ing dig­i­tal­ly on our future

Our part­ner project from iRights e.V., “The new con­sumers”, cel­e­brat­ed its clos­ing event and dis­cus­sion on 19th of June 2018.

Refugees face many chal­lenges. On the one hand there are a lot of bureau­crat­ic bar­ri­ers when it comes to the asy­lum pro­ce­dures and on the other hand it is hard to get along in a new total­ly new and unfa­mil­iar envi­ron­ment.

Ther are many other dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions in every­day con­sumers’ lifes, for exam­ple orga­niz­ing one’s com­mu­ni­ca­tion, sign­ing con­tracts and tak­ing part in social life. Mean­ing­ful­ly designed con­sumer pro­tec­tion can make a sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tion to inte­gra­tion and dig­i­tal con­sumer infor­ma­tion becomes more and more impor­tant.

But how do these offers have to be designed so that refugees can use them ade­qaute­ly? What spe­cial needs do refugees have as con­sumers? Which actors are respon­si­ble and where can we work togeth­er?

A report about the event will fol­low short­ly.


Mod­er­a­tion: Sophie Pass­mann
17.00 – Inlet
18.00 – Wel­come
Philipp Otto, Project Man­ag­er “The New Con­sumers”, Direc­tor iRights e.V.
18.05 -Greet­ing
Gerd Billen, State Sec­re­tary in the Fed­er­al Min­istry of Jus­tice and Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion
18:15 — The new con­sumers
Project pre­sen­ta­tion and project results
18.30 — Keynote
On the sit­u­a­tion of the refugees / chances of inte­gra­tion
18.45 — Panel dis­cus­sion
Par­tic­i­pa­tion through con­sumer pro­tec­tion — How does dig­i­tal inte­gra­tion work?
• Israa Alsasa, Ambas­sador “The New Con­sumers”
• Gerd Billen, State Sec­re­tary in the Fed­er­al Min­istry of Jus­tice and Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion
• Fiona Krak­en­bürg­er, Pro­gramm-Man­agerin Pro­to­type Fund, Open Knowl­edge Foun­da­tion
• Ing­mar Streese, Head of Con­sumer Pol­i­cy, Fed­er­a­tion of Ger­man Con­sumer Orga­ni­za­tions e.V.
• Annette Wid­mann-Mauz, Min­is­ter of State, Fed­er­al Com­mis­sion­er for Migra­tion, Refugees and Inte­gra­tion (request­ed)
19.45 — Audi­ence ques­tions
20.00 — Get togeth­er with din­ner buf­fet

The project “The New Con­sumers” is fund­ed by the Fed­er­al Min­istry of Jus­tice and Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion (BMJV). The car­ri­er is the non-prof­it iRights e.V.

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